Fertility Services


Dr Tang's Fertility's success rates at any given age are often above the published averages. Being one of the first Doctors to use the MOS technique, means that you can achieve that success with fewer issues, with more convenience. However, Dr Tang will give you realistic expectations and explain the factors that are important towards success, and what are the factors that are beyond our control, which may or may not be correctable. Helping her patients to understand the fundamentals help the patients to understand more about the processes, and making what can be potentially stressful more pleasant.

Dr Tang uses the very latest techniques, but will never forget that fertility is the most personal of issues. It's a brave decision to seek help, and she makes sure that you receive the most personal care every step of the way.

Process and Time Involved with Treatment

Dr Tang understands that time is in essence and most patients run a busy life. After you have seen Dr Tang for consultation and advice, she will discuss with you the best treatment plan for you. Once the type of treatment is decided, you can decide on the timing to start. The average number of visits to our main or satellite clinic is 2-4 times and you can do the blood tests locally. We try not to disturb your daily activities to help to cut down the stress associated. However, full commitment and strict following of advice and instructions are essential factors towards success.