Fertility Services

Cost of ART (Assisted Reproductive Techinque)

Complex medical treatment can be expensive, and can be as daunting as the process itself. Dr Tang will explain your fees upfront, and help you to prepare to be ready physically, mentally and financially. She will inform you of what is included and not to help you prepare for the treatment. We structure fees so you get the maximum rebates from Medicare, with minimal out of pocket costs to pay.

Dr Tang provides private fertility treatment and the care is unique and different from that of the public system or other low-costs programs. The aim is to make sure that you are being looked after well, at a cost- and success- effective way.

Dr Tang works with City Fertility Centre and provides quality care with high standards in fertility treatment. Please contact the City Fertility Team on 1300 277 447 for costs details, or visit www.cityfertility.com.au for more information.